Cultural initiatives

Action culturelle de Perspectives auprès des personnes handicapées

Some illnesses or disabilities are invisible. Yet, they are no less real. Music, invisible too, nourishes, consoles, acts, enlightens …

These two invisibles gave birth to the Ensemble Perspectives. Since its creation in 2012, l’Ensemble has endeavored to combine these invisible elements with the sound of the voice.

Singing with Perspectives means transmitting our passion for this a cappella art and preciously preserving this capacity for wonder, by taking original musical pathes.
This transmission cannot be limited to a concert activity. It finds its richest and deepest meaning through cultural and educational actions aimed at all audiences (children, pupils, teenagers) and in particular aimed at so-called “disabled” audiences.

Singing with Perspectives is a testimony through our concerts and cultural actions brought to places where people cannot move (people with disabilities, hospitals, prisons).

Action culturelle de Perspectives auprès des jeunes

Amongst youngsters

Concert de Perspectives en faveur des personnes handicapées

Amongst disabled people

Logo Perspectives Silhouette

In hospitals, prisons, ...

The Ensemble Perspectives is looking for financial partners who are sensitive to the process of opening up performing arts to people suffering from invisible diseases or disabilities.
Our desire is both to make the general public aware of these disabilities or rare diseases, ans above all to encourage disabled people to come to concerts in order to share a musical moment together and allow them to (re) discover their body.